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Develpment History

Our company was founded, named Muping County Special Vehicle Factory. We cooperated with Shenzhen Shekou Semitrailer Co., Ltd. to produce semitrailer in the plant near the moat, which was originally a large warehouse of Shenzhen Shekou Semitrailer Co., Ltd. Our plant covered an area of 2000m2. Staffed with 15 employees, our company was equipped with 1 drilling machine, 1 semi-automatic flame cutting machine and 6 electric welding machines.

We established cooperative relationship with the No. 210 research institute subordinated to the China Ministry of Aviation and Aerospace. In the same year, we tried to manufacture the high-grade MZQ5120QSJ street sweeper.

The MZQ5120QSJ street sweeper passed the provincial authentication which marked the first street sweeper with suction function in China came into being. It also meant that we had the ability to achieve mass production of the MZQ5120QSJ street sweepers.

1. The first computer was introduced to the technology department of our company and we began to adopt CAD drawing technology for our product design.
2. A series of semitrailers and dump trucks were developed.
3. We hardened the road in our company and planted trees and grass to improve our environment.
4. 500 sets of semitrailers were sold to Xinjiang.

We set up the technology development department and began to develop YHD5050TSL full-hydraulic street sweeper.

The YHD5054TSL street sweeper was developed.

We developed the YHD5050ZZZ food waste collection truck.

The construction of the comprehensive office building of our company was completed.

The Sino-US joint venture named "Hooklift Equipment Co. Ltd." was established.

1. In October, 2009, we hold the first "Seminar on the Technology and Application of Hooklift on Special Vehicles" in China.
2. We began to develop new energy and developed the electric street sweeper.
3. Our hook lifts and street sweepers passed the CE certification.

We built a new plant covering an area of 15000m2. The export volume was increased.