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    1. CHD5021TSL Street Sweeper

      The technical performance of our product is in the leading place among similar products. This road sweeper is totally powered by a Kubota diesel engine and all the operations of this vehicle are driven by hydraulic transmission.

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    1. CHD5051TSL Street Sweeper

      Different from the traditional way, our road cleaning vehicle has its own dedicated chassis. Our vehicle is powered by only one engine and integrates the functions of sweeping and running. It features compact structure, low oil consumption, low noise, and low pollutant emission. This road sweeping machine is suitable for cleaning the urban streets and squares.

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    1. CHDSHZ16B Electric Street Sweeper

      It is small in size and flexible to operate. Its use-cost is low. This is a useful product you can choose. Leaves, scraps of paper, sand, or dust on the road can be cleaned up using our street cleaning vehicle. Our product is suitable for cleaning the urban street, residential quarter, airport, dock, factory, park, square, parking lot, tunnel, etc.

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    1. CHD5060TSL Road Sweeper TruckThis vehicle is equipped with advanced video monitors. Camera is installed at the end and the back part of the vehicle to offer the operator surveillance image about the sweeping condition.
      At the back part of this street cleaning truck there is an indicating arrow to make sure the road sweeper truck can work safely.
    1. CHD5100TSL Road Sweeper TruckThis street sweeping vehicle has a proper and practical structure with four sweeping brushes in the middle while the suction port at the back part of the vehicle chassis. The sweeping brushes can avoid obstacles automatically. With low-noise suction system and famous-brand hydraulic components, our street sweeping vehicle are more stable and reliable in performance.
    1. CHD5162TSL Road Sweeper TruckThis sweeping vehicle features easy operation, high sweeping efficiency, stable performance and no secondary pollution. With four sweeping brushes in the middle and suction port at the back part of the chassis, this road sweeping machine can work on different kinds of roads. It can be used to clean the expressway, urban street, roads in airport or dock.
    1. CHD5071GSL Street Sweeper and WasherThis road sweeping and washing machine is equipped with an advanced video monitoring device to help the operator know about the road condition and the working condition of the sweeping brushes.
    1. CHD5100GSL Street Sweeper and Washer It perfectly integrates the sweeping function of traditional sweeper and the washing function of high pressure cleaning truck. The function of sweeping and washing can be used separately or together according to the practical need. This product will clean the road without causing flying dust or leaving redundant water.
    1. CHD2200TXC Snow PlowMade of high-strength alloy steel, the edge of the snow plough has fine ductility and is resistant to abrasion. Thus the snow plough can be durable enough to complete more than 500 km road cleaning. The inclination angle between the plough and the road surface is adjustable. Thus this product can be used to shovel, push or scrape the snow on the ground.
    1. CHD3000TXC Snow PlowThis product is powered by an imported independent power element. It can be lifted no matter the vehicle it is connected to running or not.
      The connection structure of this product is very simple, thus the assembly and disassembly of this snow removal equipment can be finished rapidly.
    1. CHD5024ZXX Hooklift TruckUniquely designed straight arm with locking mechanism makes actions of the hooklift safe and reliable. The lifting capacity of the hooklift can be 0.75t.
      Main hydraulic components of our hooklift truck are imported from well-known companies all around the world.
    1. CHD5100ZXXE4 Hooklift TruckIt is retrofitted by adding a hooklift from Hooklift Equipment Co. Ltd. to Catogery II automobile chassis QL1109KARY (chassis with cab) from Qingling Motors (Group) Co., Ltd. The body of the vehicle is detachable. This garbage collection vehicle is steady in performance and is easy to operate.
    1. CHD5253ZXX Hooklift TruckThis product has a unique retractable hooklift device which can evenly distribute the load to the rear axle and the auxiliary supporting device. Thus it largely helps reduce the force borne by the vehicle frame when lifting or discharging garbage bin or other bins. With a locking mechanism, the hooklift, which is made of high strength steel plates with the yield strength of 560N/mm² ...
    1. CHD5160GQX Street WasherThere is a water level alarm provided for this street cleaning truck. The system will send out the alarm automatically if there is no water left in the container to avoid the damage to the water pump.
    1. CHD5250GQX Street WasherThere is a set of specially-made artistic light designed at the back of this vehicle. In addition to the beautiful decorative effect, these lights may offer indication for other vehicles and passby during operation, which is a kind of protection to the product and workers, as well as the people around.
    1. CHD5060ZZZ Food Waste Collection TruckThe sewage tank in big volume can be used to store water and oil separated to realize the primary separation of solids and liquids. The opening and closing of the sealed cap at the rear of this refuse collection vehicle is controlled by hydraulic device. The special structure and the sealing material effectively prevent the leakage of sewage.
    1. CHD5100ZZZ Food Waste Collection TruckThis invention, which effectively avoids the air pollution to environment, has obtained national patents. The patent numbers are ZL03271168.9 and 200520079946. Meanwhile, the discharge of the waste can also be conducted with the push board from the rear door directly.
    1. CHD5162ZZZ Food Waste Collection Truck Therefore, the cleaning of the waste wagon can be conducted when the unloading of food waste is finished. Moreover, there is an optional high-pressure cleaning device designed for the sewage tank. Greasy can be washed off with the high-pressure spray head.