Food Waste Collection Truck

    1. CHD5060ZZZ Food Waste Collection TruckThe sewage tank in big volume can be used to store water and oil separated to realize the primary separation of solids and liquids. The opening and closing of the sealed cap at the rear of this refuse collection vehicle is controlled by hydraulic device. The special structure and the sealing material effectively prevent the leakage of sewage.
    1. CHD5100ZZZ Food Waste Collection TruckThis invention, which effectively avoids the air pollution to environment, has obtained national patents. The patent numbers are ZL03271168.9 and 200520079946. Meanwhile, the discharge of the waste can also be conducted with the push board from the rear door directly.
    1. CHD5162ZZZ Food Waste Collection Truck Therefore, the cleaning of the waste wagon can be conducted when the unloading of food waste is finished. Moreover, there is an optional high-pressure cleaning device designed for the sewage tank. Greasy can be washed off with the high-pressure spray head.