Hooklift Truck

    1. CHD5024ZXX Hooklift TruckUniquely designed straight arm with locking mechanism makes actions of the hooklift safe and reliable. The lifting capacity of the hooklift can be 0.75t.
      Main hydraulic components of our hooklift truck are imported from well-known companies all around the world.
    1. CHD5100ZXXE4 Hooklift TruckIt is retrofitted by adding a hooklift from Hooklift Equipment Co. Ltd. to Catogery II automobile chassis QL1109KARY (chassis with cab) from Qingling Motors (Group) Co., Ltd. The body of the vehicle is detachable. This garbage collection vehicle is steady in performance and is easy to operate.
    1. CHD5253ZXX Hooklift TruckThis product has a unique retractable hooklift device which can evenly distribute the load to the rear axle and the auxiliary supporting device. Thus it largely helps reduce the force borne by the vehicle frame when lifting or discharging garbage bin or other bins. With a locking mechanism, the hooklift, which is made of high strength steel plates with the yield strength of 560N/mm² ...