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Road Sweeper Truck

The CHD5162TSL road sweeper truck is a new modern sweeping vehicle developed with advanced technology both at home and abroad. The suction system, sweeping system and filtering system have been modified. This sweeping vehicle features easy operation, high sweeping efficiency, stable performance and no secondary pollution. With four sweeping brushes in the middle and suction port at the back part of the chassis, this road sweeping machine can work on different kinds of roads. It can be used to clean the expressway, urban street, roads in airport or dock. Besides, this vehicle can also be used to collect grains in farms or the particle materials scattered during transportation.

1. The hydraulic valve group is composed of thread cartridge valves imported from the USA HydrForce Company. The cartridge valves which are widely used in Europe and America have compact structure and reliable performance, and are easy to maintain. Our hydraulic valve group is also equipped with an electric-hydraulic proportional speed regulating valve which makes the stepless regulating of the revolving speed of the sweeping brushes possible.

2. In order to make it work normally in hot summer, we assemble an air-cooled oil cooler in the hydraulic system of this road sweeper truck. With the oil cooler, the performance of our cleaning vehicle will be immune from the influence of oil temperature rising in hot summer.

3. This road sweeper truck contains a video monitor which allows the operator to know the cleaning condition on the road and the working condition of the brushes.

4. Special noise absorbing material is applied in the engine compartment to lower the noise the vehicle makes when working.

5. Double oil pumps are assembled to this road cleaning vehicle to make it easy to operate. Besides the high-pressure oil pump assembled on the auxiliary engine, another high-pressure oil pump which is parallelly connected to the auxiliary engine is assembled on the power take-off device of the chassis. The operator can control the hydraulic system with any of the two pumps.

6. Our road sweeper truck is equipped with a high-pressure water spray gun for vehicle cleaning. With the water spray gun, the operator can remove the oil stains or other dirty substances on the surface of the vehicle and make the whole vehicle clean and tidy.

7. There are various options available for you. Snow plow or ice breaking machine can be assemble to this vehicle according the requirement of customers.

Technical Parameters

Order Number Item Parameter
1 Chassis Model Dongfeng DFL1160BX1 (Conforming to China III emission standard; equipped with heating/cooling air conditioning system)
2 Overall dimension (L×W×H) mm 7285×2465×3010
3 Stainless steel garbage bin volume (m3) 6
4 Stainless steel water tank volume (m3) 2
5 Wheelbase (mm) 3800
6 Wheel tread (mm) Front/rear wheel (mm) 1880/1800
7 Suspension (mm) Front/rear suspension (mm) 1430/2055
8 Approach/Departure Angle (°) 20/11
9 Minimum ground clearance (mm) 240
10 Minimum turning diameter (m) 14
11 Maximum gradability (%) 30
12 Maximum sweeping width (m) 3.5
13 Operating speed (km/h) 5-20
14 Sweeping capacity (m2/h) 70000
15 Suction fineness (Diameter: mm) 120
16 Garbage dump angle (°) 50
17 Sweeping fuel consumption (L/h) 12
18 Maximum running speed (km/h) 90
19 Rated passenger capacity 2
20 Sweeping efficiency (%) 96
21 Chassis Engine Model Commins ISDE185 30
Rated power (kW)/(r/min) 136/2500
Displacement (L) 6.7
22 Auxiliary Engine Model Commins EQ6BT5.9-118
Rated power (kW)/(r/min) 118/2600
23 Weight Parameter Gross vehicle weight (kg) 15980
Front/rear wheel (kg) 5980/10000
Rated laden weight (kg) 6260
Curb weight (kg) 9600

Note: Optional Chassis: Isuzu, Dongfeng (Conforming to Europe stage III/IV emission standard)

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