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Road Sweeper Truck

The CHD5100TSL road sweeper truck is a new road cleaning machine developed through refitting the Isuzu 100TKARY automotive chassis which is excellent in performance and conforms to the European stage III emission standard. This street sweeping vehicle has a proper and practical structure with four sweeping brushes in the middle while the suction port at the back part of the vehicle chassis. The sweeping brushes can avoid obstacles automatically. With low-noise suction system and famous-brand hydraulic components, our street sweeping vehicle are more stable and reliable in performance.

1. The cab of this road sweeper truck is equipped with heating and cooling air conditioning devices.

2. EO-2 elastic seal joints produced by American Parker Company are used in our hydraulic pipes. Those seal joints are not easy to fall off and are leak proof.

3. The filers of the hydraulic system are all introduced from the German AGO-HYTOS Company. The high-quality filers help to keep the hydraulic system clean so as to make the whole hydraulic system work normally.

4. All the sealing elements in the hydraulic cylinders of our road sweeper truck are produced by the German Busak Shamban Company. With the reliable German-made sealing elements, the hydraulic cylinders of our vehicle can be well sealed.

5. Besides sweeping brushes, suction port and suction pipe, our vehicle is also equipped with a nozzle to spray water so as to reduce the flying dust when cleaning dusty areas. High-efficiency vortex water pump is used to guarantee the dusting effect.

6. Our road sweeper truck can avoid obstacles automatically. When run into an obstacle, the brush disks can retract automatically. Thus damage to the sweeping device will be avoided.

7. The two front brushes respectively on the left side and right side of the road cleaning vehicle can work separately or together. When cleaning the left side of the road, the brush on the right side can be folded to save space and energy, and guarantee other cars run safely on the road. It also helps decrease the brush wear so as to help reduce operation cost.

8. The advanced air filtration system helps extend the service life of the engine. The air intake port is assembled on the top of the cab to make the air come in smoothly. An oil-immersed air filter is assembled in front of the original filter. This prefilter can remove the fine dust in the air so as to help improve the quality of the air in the engine.

9. The suction plate of this road sweeper truck can move automatically according to the road condition. Thus the space between the suction plate and the road surface is consistent during the sweeping process.

10. Both the garbage bin and the water tank of our vehicle are made of stainless steel thus are anti-corrosive. The water tank is installed at the bottom of the garbage bin and is connected to it. This structure makes the bottom of the garbage bin 12° incline. Thus the garbage dumping will be easier. At the top of the garbage bin there are diversion trench and large filter screen which can improve the dust removal effects and make the collected garbage distribute evenly in the garbage bin so as to make full use of the capacity of the garbage bin. At the same time, the air friction caused by blocking of the filter screen will be decreased.

11. Equipment like rolling brushes, sewage suction pipe and snow plow can be installed to our road sweeper truck to make it multifunctional.

Technical Parameters

Item Parameter
Brand and model Haide CHD5100TSL
Chassis model Isuzu QL1100TKARY (Conforming to Europe Stage III emission standard)
Cab Equipped with heating/cooling air conditioning system
Dimension and Weight Parameter (mm) Overall dimension (L×W×H mm) 6585×2255×2620
Wheel tread (mm) Front wheel (mm) 1680
Rear wheel (mm) 1650
Wheelbase (mm) 3815
Front/rear suspension (mm) 1100/1670
Approach angle 21°
Departure angle 24°
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 190
Maximum gross vehicle weight (kg) 10000
Curb weight (kg) 6280
Rated laden weight (kg) 3525
Performance Parameter Stainless steel water tank volume (L) 2000
Stainless steel garbage bin volume (m3) 5
Maximum sweeping width (m) 3.2
Operating speed (km/h) 3-15
Sweeping capacity (m2/h) 48000
Maximum suction fineness (mm) 100
Dump angle of the garbage bin (°) 52
Maximum running speed (km/h) 110
Rated passenger capacity 2
Sweeping efficiency ≥96%
Maximum airflow velocity of the suction port 35m/s
Chassis Engine Model 4KH1-TC
Rated power kW/(r/min) 129/2600
Displacement (ml) 5193
Auxiliary Engine Model JMC Four-Cylinder JX493G3
Rated power (kW)/(r/min) 57/3600

Note: Optional Chassis: Isuzu, Dongfeng (Conforming to Europe stage III/IV emission standard)

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