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Road Sweeper Truck

This vehicle is a wet road sweeping vehicle retrofitted by adding a top mounted dedicated sweeping device powered by a JMC auxiliary engine to the Chongqing Isuzu NKR77LLLACJAYchassis. This CHD5060TSL road sweeper truck has a simple and proper structure with four brushes in the middle and a suction port at the back part of the vehicle. The efficient suction system makes low noises when the vehicle is working. The whole vehicle is stable in performance.

1. This vehicle is equipped with advanced video monitors. Camera is installed at the end and the back part of the vehicle to offer the operator surveillance image about the sweeping condition.

2. At the back part of this street cleaning truck there is an indicating arrow to make sure the road sweeper truck can work safely.

3. With individual controls for the water sprayed through the brush disks or the suction pipe, this vehicle is easy to operate.

4. High quality automatic centrifugal clutch is adopted in this product to start the auxiliary engine without load. The clutch is in a semi-open structure which makes it easy to check to what degree the wear plate is worn. Just unscrewing one gland bolt you can take out the core of the clutch to replace the wear plate.

5. The hydraulic valve group of our road sweeper truck is composed of thread cartridge valves introduced from the American HF (HydraForce) company. The thread cartridge valves feature compact structure, light weight, powerful functions, high reliability and easy maintenance. They are popular hydraulic valves for vehicles in Europe and America. The hydraulic valve group contains an electric-hydraulic proportional speed regulating valve to control the revolving speed of the sweeping brushes. The operator can achieve stepless regulation to the revolving speed of the sweeping brushes by adjusting the electronic control rotary knob. Besides, customers can also choose to install the sandwich valve group produced by Japanese Yuken according to the practical need.

6. The driving motors of the sweeping brushes and the brush disks are high-quality cycloidal motors which have high transmission efficiency and long service life.

7. The electronic control system of this road sweeper truck is controlled by single chip microcomputer. The highly centralized control box is quite intelligent with low failure rate and only a few control switches. With such an electronic control system, the operator can control all the operations of the vehicle in the cab.

8. When dumping garbage, the garbage bin can incline 60° at most. Since the water tank is mounted under the garbage bin, the bottom board of the garbage bin has already inclined 12° from the vehicle body. This makes the garbage dumping more easily and thoroughly.

9. Various sorts of optional equipment are available. Customers can decide to install rolling brushes to the suction port. Rear mounted dirty water suction pipe or snow plow can be added to this road sweeper truck to make it multifunctional.

Technical Parameters

Item Parameter
Model CHD5060TSL
Chassis Model Isuzu NKR77LLLACJAY (Conforming to China III emission standard)
Cab Equipped with heating/cooling air conditioning system
Dimension and Weight Parameter Overall dimension (L×W×H mm) 5650×2000×2445
Wheel tread (mm) Front wheel (mm) 1504
Rear wheel (mm) 1425
Wheelbase (mm) 3360
Front/rear suspension (mm) 1015/1275
Approach angle 24°
Departure angle 25°
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 190
Minimum turning radius (m) 6.8
Maximum gradability 30%
Maximum gross vehicle weight (kg) 6436
Rated laden weight (kg) 1676
Curb Weight (kg) 4630
Performance Parameter Stainless steel water tank volume (L) 1
Stainless steel garbage bin volume (m3) 3
Maximum sweeping width (m) 3
Operating speed (km/h) 3-15
Sweeping capacity (m2/h) 45000
Maximum suction capacity Suction density (g/cm3) 2.0
Suction fineness (mm) 100
Garbage dump angle (°) 50
Fuel consumption of the engine Running (L/100km) 11
Sweeping (L/10000m2) 1.3
Maximum running speed (km/h) 100
Rated passenger capacity 2
Sweeping efficiency ≥96%
Maximum airflow velocity of the suction port (m/s) 35
Chassis Engine Model 4KH1-TC
Rated power (kW)/(r/min) 96/3400
Maximum torque (Nm)/(r/min) 280/1700
Displacement (L) 2.999
Auxiliary Engine Model JMC Four-Cylinder JX493G3
Rated power (kW)/(r/min) 57/3600

Note: Optional Chassis: Isuzu, Fonton, JMC, Dongfeng (Conforming to Europe stage III/IV emission standard)

  • Control panel
  • Suction blower
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