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Electric Street Sweeper

This vehicle is a dry electric street sweeper. It is small in size and flexible to operate. Its use-cost is low. This is a useful product you can choose. Leaves, scraps of paper, sand, or dust on the road can be cleaned up using our street cleaning vehicle. Our product is suitable for cleaning the urban street, residential quarter, airport, dock, factory, park, square, parking lot, tunnel, etc. This vehicle makes low noises and will not emit harmful gases into the air when it is working. Thus no secondary pollution will be caused.

The CHDSHZ16B electric street sweeper is powered by single engine and completely driven by hydraulic system. This road cleaning equipment is manufactured with advanced technology introduced from famous companies. With articulated turning structure, this vehicle runs flexibly. This street sweeping machine is equipped with a standard 220L garbage bin used to collect garbage and a140L water tank used to store clean water. This product fills black of the domestic small sweeping machine market.

Power System

This electric street sweeper is powered by 48V/480A/h lithium iron phosphate battery. When the battery is fully charged, the vehicle can work continuously for over 8 hours.

Steering System
The front and rear frames of the vehicle are connected by a hinge. The steering wheel and the steering motor are controlled by electronic control units. With short turning radius, the whole vehicle can turn to different directions easily. Thus it can work flexibly in narrow areas.

Suction System
With an air blower driven by brushless motor, the suction system has powerful vacuum suction capacity. The revolving speed of the air blower can be steplessly adjusted to make full use of electric energy. The air entrancing into the air blower contains no dust, thus no wear will occur to the air blower. The suction port with double rolling brushes has high working efficiency and is energy saving.

Air Conditioning System
The air conditioner for cooling is controlled by inverter compressor. The heating device is powered by fuel. With the air conditioning system, no mater in winter or in summer, the cab is comfortable.

Control System
The whole vehicle is controlled by electronic control units. With high degree of automation, this electric street sweeper is easy to operate. The operator can control the regular operation of the vehicle with only one button. The sensors distributed in the whole vehicle make real-time monitoring, detecting, and alerting possible. The black box can help the operator or the maintenance personnel to find out the reason quickly if machine failure occurs.

Garbage Dumping Manner
The collected garbage can be stored in the 220L garbage bin. With a remote controller, the collected garbage can be dumped to the designated place automatically so as to make the job of the operator easier. If the battery of the remote controller runs out, the standby cross switch on the vehicle can be used to control garbage dumping.

1. This electric street sweeper adopts complete hydraulic power transmission. All the operations can be done in the cab.
2. The cab is mainly made of glass offering the operator an open field of vision.
3. This product has complete hydraulic turning mechanism with the function of stepless speed change.
4. Sweeping manner: two sweeping brushes are in the front of the vehicle while the suction port is in the central part, so that the brushes can sweep the garbage into the suction port successfully.
5. The nozzle which is on the brush bracket can be turned on to spray water to reduce dust when sweeping in the special working area.

The electric street sweeper is a high quality product we make for our customers. Its elegant appearance attracts you, does it? Its fine performance and working effects will make you more excited. You can buy this vehicle to experience the good working effects.

Technical Parameters

Dimension (L×W×H mm) 3500×1160×2050
Total weight (kg) 1800
Maximum gross vehicle weight (kg) 2200
Rated engine power (kW)/(r/min) 18/2800
Rated speed (km/h) 18
Sweeping speed (km/h) 1~6
Maximum sweeping width (m) 1.1~1.8
Garbage bin volume (L) 220
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  • The chair
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