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Street Sweeper

Developed with advanced technology in the world, CHD5051TSL street sweeper is a small cleaning vehicle with sweeping and suction devices. Traditionally, small-sized road sweeping machines are refitted based on a common vehicle by adding sweeping devices on the automotive chassis. Different from the traditional way, our road cleaning vehicle has its own dedicated chassis. Our vehicle is powered by only one engine and integrates the functions of sweeping and running. It features compact structure, low oil consumption, low noise, and low pollutant emission. This road sweeping machine is suitable for cleaning the urban streets and squares.

1. This street sweeper adopts a fully hydraulic steering system which makes the steering easy when the vehicle is running in a low speed to clean the roads. With short turning radius, this vehicle is flexible in operation.

2. With windows made of tempered glass, field of vision in the cab is open. Thus the operator can clearly see the condition in the suction port and know whether the sweeping brushes are working well. Cooling and heating air conditioning devices are assembled in the cab to offer comfortable working environment to the operator. We can assemble the driving seat in the left side or the right side of the cab according to the requirements of customers.

3. With only a small water tank, the circulating water spray system assembled in this vehicle can effectively reduce the pollution caused by the flying dust in the outlet of the blower during cleaning.

4. The garbage bin on this street sweeper is made of stainless steel plate. There is a door at the back of the garbage bin for the operator to monitor the condition inside. During cleaning, large garbage can also be put into the garbage bin through this door. Opening or locking the door is controlled by a hydraulic control system.

5. The sweeping system can avoid obstacles automatically. Stepless control is available to adjust the revolving speed, the ground approaching pressure, and the stretching and retracting of the sweeping brushes.

6. The electrical system is controlled by computer thus it is easy to operate. The computer will record the operating parameter and monitor fault when the street sweeper is working so as to indicate the operator to maintain the vehicle.

Technical Parameters

Item Parameter
Dimension Parameter Overall dimension (L×W×H mm) 4665 (3905 excluding the sweeping brushes )×1670×2250
Wheel tread (mm) Front wheel (mm) 1350
Rear wheel (mm) 1300
Wheelbase (mm) 1600
Front suspension (mm) 1935 (1175 excluding the sweeping brushes )
Approach angle 15°
Departure angle 20 °
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 170
Minimum turning radius (m) 4
Maximum gradability 20%
Front Wheel Alignment Kingpin inclination angle 7°30'
Kingpin caster angle 1°30'
Camber angle
Toe-in (mm) 3-5
Weight Parameter (kg) Curb weight (kg) 2900
Unladen weight distributed to the front axle (kg) 1550
Unladen weight distributed to the rear axle (kg) 1350
Laden weight distributed to the front axle (kg) 2000
Laden weight distributed to the rear axle (kg) 2530
Maximum gross vehicle weight (kg) 4530
Performance Parameter Garbage bin volume (m3) 2
Sweeping width (m) 1.8-2.5
Circulating water tank volume (L) 800
Clean water tank volume (L) 80
Operating speed (km/h) 1-15
Sweeping capacity (m2/h) 25000
Suction capacity Suction density (g/cm3) ≤2.7
Suction fineness (the equivalent diameter mm) ≤70
Garbage dump angel 65°
Fuel consumption of the engine Running: L/100km <12
Sweeping <6 L/h <2.4 L/10000m2
Maximum running speed (km/h) 30; hydrostatic continuously variable transmission
Rated passenger capacity 2
Sweeping efficiency ≥95%
Maximum airflow velocity of the suction pipe m/s 35
Engine Model JX493G3
Rated power (kW)/(r/min) 57/(3600)
Maximum torque (Nm)/(r/min) 172/(2000)
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