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Street Sweeper

This product is a small size sweeping and sucking street sweeping vehicle which is designed with dedicated integrated chassis. This CHD5021TSL street sweeper has elegant appearance and is easy to operate.

The technical performance of our product is in the leading place among similar products. This road sweeper is totally powered by a Kubota diesel engine and all the operations of this vehicle are driven by hydraulic transmission.

Two sweeping brushes are respectively installed on the two sides in the front of the part of the vehicle where the cab is located. The suction port is located in the central part at the bottom of the cab. The operator can easily operate this road sweeping machine with a clear visual field. With reverse air circulation suction system which allows the air stream to be exhausted through the bag filter, this street sweeper prevents dust from flying during sweeping.

1. With a 240L standard garbage bin which is easy to be replaced, it is convenient for the operator to dump the garbage and clean the vehicle. This garbage dumping device has got the national patent of China.

2. With a unique patented bidirectional hinging structure, the front and rear frames of the vehicle can twist and turn freely. With short turning radius, this street cleaning vehicel can easily turn to different directions so as to clean the narrow space and corners. Two elastic shock absorption components are installed to make the vehicle be able to work on rugged roads.

3. This street sweeper is equipped with a 140L water tank and an electric micro diaphragm pump. Turing on the water pump, water will be sprayed out through the nozzle on the sweeping brush. The operator can reduce the flying dust in the air according to the practical situation with water spray system when sweeping the street.

4. The running system of our street sweeper is designed with hydrostatic continuously variable transmission system. It is driven by a bidirectional stepless variable pump and a hub motor. The turning system is controlled by a micro fully hydraulic steering gear. Thus the whole vehicle is easy to operate.

5. This product is equipped with separate cooling air conditioning device and heating device in the cab to make comfortable working environment for the operator. The air conditioning device is located at the top of the cab to offer cool air overhead while the heating device is located at the bottom of the cab to offer hot air underfoot. No matter in summer or in winter, the cab is comfortable.

6. Our street sweeper is equipped with a color liquid crystal display monitor which allows the operator to know the condition behind the vehicle.

7. A patented air exhausting filter is adopted in this sweeping vehicle. The filter is a unique one with wide filtering area and good air permeability and can filter the air effectively. The dust extraction device with electric rotating plate can remove the dust effectively and efficiently to keep the filter working normally. No extra maintenance for the dust extraction device is needed.

8. The cooling fan of the engine and the gearing of the compressor of the air conditioner both got the national patent. The plate-fin cooling fan with high heat dissipation efficiency is integrated to the engine. According to the test result of the thermal balance test, the engine is proved to work normally under the temperature of 50 ℃.

9. The key components of our street sweeper are imported from America and the Europe. The imported high quality components make our vehicle reliable in quality and performance.
Engine: Made by Japanese Kubota
Hydraulic pump of the running system: Imported from Italy
Hydraulic motor of the sweeping brush: Imported from the US
Hydraulic valve: Imported from the US
Brakes: Imported from Germany
Hydraulic hose: Imported from the SUNFLX Company
Flexible suction corrugated tube: Polyurethane tube imported from Germany
Sealing element: Made by DingZing Company in Taiwan
Filter of the hydraulic system: Imported from Italy
Gear pump and motor: Made in Taiwan
Central power distribution box: Imported from Italy

Technical Parameters

Item Parameter
Dimension Parameter Overall dimension (L×W×H mm) 3250 ×1130×2130 (including the sweeping brushes);
2970×1130×2130mm (excluding the sweeping brushes)
Wheel tread (mm) Front wheel (mm) 890
Rear wheel (mm) 890
Wheelbase (mm) 1200
Front suspension (mm) 1100 (including the sweeping brushes)
820 (excluding the sweeping brushes)
Rear suspension (mm) 950
Approach angle 11°
Departure angle 16 °
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 120
Weight Parameter (kg) Curb weight (kg) 1450
Unladen weight distributed to the front axle (kg) 640
Unladen weight distributed to the rear axle (kg) 810
Laden weight distributed to the front axle (kg) 1850
Laden weight distributed to the rear axle (kg) 1000
Performance Parameter Size of the garbage bin (L) 240
Available load capacity(kg) 400
Maximum sweeping width (m) 1.8
Operating speed (km/h) 0-10
Running speed (km/h) 0-16
Maximum suction density(g/cm3) 2.7
Maximum suction fineness (mm) 45 (the equivalent diameter with the suction density of 2.7g/cm3).
Maximum sweeping capacity (m2/h) 18000
Sweeping efficiency ≥95%
Operating temperature 0~50℃; -25~50℃(for dry sweeping or sweeping with snow-melting agent)
Rated passenger capacity 1
Uninterrupted operating time (h) 4 (depending on the amount of the water sprayed and the amount of garbage collected)
Minimum turning radius(mm) 2150
Maximum gradeability 20%
Clean water tank volume(L) 140
Fuel tank volume(L) 46
Operating fuel consumption (L/h) ≤2
Noise (dB(A)) ≤78
Running Parameter Driving mode 4×2 front-wheel drive
Transmission mode Hydrostatic continuously variable transmission
Tyre model 23×8.5-12
Wheel quantity 4
Tyre pressure (bar) 2
Wheel rim 12×7
Torque of the wheel nut (Nm) 90
Engine Parameter Brand Kubota
Type Three-cylinder, four-stroke, direct injection diesel engine with water-cooling system
Model D1105
Displacement (cm3) 1123
Rated power/revolving speed 18.1kW/2800rpm
Rated torque/ revolving speed 70Nm/2200rpm
Operating revolving speed 2000 (common operating condition)-2800 (enhanced operating condition) rpm
Fuel 0# light diesel oil
Steering System Steering mode Hinge connected
Steering gear Full-hydraulic steering gear
Steering mechanism Composed of oil cylinder for the steering of the front and rear frames
Hydraulic System Type of hydraulic oil HM46 anti-wear hydraulic oil;
YC-N68 low temperature-resistant anti-wear hydraulic oil suitable for the working temperature from -25 to -10℃.
Cleanness of hydraulic oil Running circuit Class 18/13
Operating circuit Class 19/17
Hydraulic oil tank volume 35L (Total oil volume of the hydraulic system: 50L)
Electric System Formation Circuit for running system and circuit for control system
Voltage (V) 12
Capacity of the storage battery (Ah) 70
Sweeping System Form Two disk-like sweeping brushes are located on the two sides in the front of the street sweeper.
Diameter of the sweeping brush (mm) Φ650
Diameter of the base bracket of the sweeping brush (mm) Φ420
Adjustable inclination angle range of the base bracket of the sweeping brush 4~6° for front inclination;
2~5° for exterior inclination
Suction System Diameter of the suction pipe (mm) Φ150
Width of the suction nozzle (mm) 500
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