1. CHD5021TSL Street Sweeper

      The technical performance of our product is in the leading place among similar products. This road sweeper is totally powered by a Kubota diesel engine and all the operations of this vehicle are driven by hydraulic transmission.

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    1. CHD5051TSL Street Sweeper

      Different from the traditional way, our road cleaning vehicle has its own dedicated chassis. Our vehicle is powered by only one engine and integrates the functions of sweeping and running. It features compact structure, low oil consumption, low noise, and low pollutant emission. This road sweeping machine is suitable for cleaning the urban streets and squares.

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    1. CHDSHZ16B Electric Street Sweeper

      It is small in size and flexible to operate. Its use-cost is low. This is a useful product you can choose. Leaves, scraps of paper, sand, or dust on the road can be cleaned up using our street cleaning vehicle. Our product is suitable for cleaning the urban street, residential quarter, airport, dock, factory, park, square, parking lot, tunnel, etc.

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    1. Road Sweeper Truck

      This vehicle is equipped with advanced video monitors. Camera is installed at the end and the back part of the vehicle to offer the operator surveillance image about the sweeping condition.
      At the back part of this street cleaning truck there is an indicating arrow to make sure the road sweeper truck can work safely.

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